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Tips on Keeping Your Dog Calm at the Vet’s Office

January 15, 2019
Is your dog afraid of, well… us? Many of our canine companions aren’t fond of visiting the vet’s office. After all, they know that they’re about to be poked and prodded in the company of strangers! There are a few things you can do to help Fido remain as calm as possible before and during his vet appointment—learn more below from your Pickerington, OH vet.

Mock Exams

Try performing a few “mock exams” at home in the weeks leading up to your dog’s appointment. Set up a table and prop your dog up on it, then simulate some of what he might experience at the vet’s office; prod his limbs and use fake “instruments” to poke around a bit. With luck, it’ll help your dog get used to the experience of being on an exam table. Use your mock exams to perform a very real health check—run your hands over Fido’s body to check for any lumps, bumps, abrasions, lacerations, or anything else out of the ordinary. Let your vet know right away if you find something that seems abnormal.

Car Travel Tips

Often, your dog is just as afraid of the car ride to the veterinarian’s office as they are of the appointment itself. Try acclimating your dog to your vehicle ahead of time; take your pooch on very short rides around the neighborhood, rewarding him with treats as you go. After a while, your dog should get the hint that there’s really nothing to be afraid of. For serious cases of car-related anxiety, you might need a professionals’ help. Ask your veterinarian for more detailed instructions on reducing your dog’s car anxiety, which may include advanced training methods or even anxiety medication.

At the Vet’s Office

You may want to keep a small dog inside their carrier while waiting at the vet’s office, as this helps many nervous dogs to feel more secure. Bring along some of your pooch’s favorite toys or a blanket he normally uses at home, giving him a sense of familiarity. Finally, you can bring along a few dog treats to have the staff give your pooch; it’s a great way to get your dog warmed up to the people who will be examining him. Is your canine companion in need of a veterinary appointment? Schedule your dog’s next office visit here at your Pickerington, OH animal hospital. We’re here to help!