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Where to Place Your Cat’s Bathroom Box

February 15, 2019
If you’re about to bring a new cat into your home, one of the first considerations you’ll have to make is where to put the litter box. Placement is key! Learn more here from a Pickerington, OH veterinarian.

Quiet Zone

Just like you, your cat prefers doing her business in a quiet area where she won’t be disturbed. Place your cat’s bathroom in an out-of-the-way part of the house where she won’t be bothered by a lot of noise or commotion. In most homes, a basement, bathroom, or laundry room works well.

Far From Food

The expression about not wanting to eat where you use the bathroom also holds true for our feline friends! Generally speaking, cats don’t like to do their business right next to where they eat their meals. Cats have been known to shun their litter box, or stop eating entirely, if food dishes and the litter box are placed in close proximity. To avoid any trouble, keep these areas separated.

Easy Access

Don’t forget that your cat needs to be able to easily access her litter box at all times of the day and night, even when you’re not at home. It’s easy to forget that something like a screen door, sliding door, gate, or other physical obstacles can block your cat’s path to her bathroom! If that happens, Fluffy will be forced to eliminate on your carpets or floors. Make sure that your cat has easy access to her box at all times.

For Older Cats

If you have a cat who is advancing in age, it can be helpful to make a few additional considerations when it comes to the litter box. If your home has multiple floors, add a litter box to each one; that way, your cat doesn’t have to trek up and down a set of stairs every time she has to use the bathroom. You should also select litterboxes without high sides, because older cats—especially those suffering from arthritis—could have trouble getting in and out.

Multiple Cats

Do you own multiple cats? Adding a new cat to your household when you already have a feline friend? Although it is possible for cats to share a litter box, it’s easiest to have one box per cat, at least at first. This avoids any possibility of territorial behavior! For more tips on litter boxes, contact your Pickerington, OH animal hospital.