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Bunnyproofing Basics

December 1, 2015
Have you recently decided to adopt a bunny? Rabbits are super cute, and make absolutely adorable pets. These little furballs do have some specific care requirements, however. One thing that is very important for bunny owners to understand is that rabbits have an inherent need to chew. If Floppy doesn’t chew enough, her teeth will become painfully overgrown. Bunnies aren’t particularly discriminating about what they chew on, so in order to keep both your pet and your belongings safe, you’ll have do some bunnyproofing. In this article, a Pickerington, OH veterinarian offers advice on bunnyproofing your home.


Use protective coverings to protect electrical wires and cords, and, whenever possible, secure them so that Floppy can’t reach them. Your furball could be seriously hurt or even start a fire by chewing on a live wire!

Open Spaces

Block off open spaces behind cabinets, and under beds and couches. Bunnies often tear into the bottom upholstery beneath beds and sofas!


Make sure to remove any toxic plants from your home. Ask your vet for more information.

Furniture Legs

Wooden furniture legs make a very tempting target for bunnies. Be sure to protect your furniture legs!


Baseboards are at the perfect height for your furry pal to nibble on. Use protective coverings to keep your baseboards intact.


Use protective mats to cover the carpet in Floppy’s play zone, so she can’t chew it up.


Keep household cleaners, medications, garden products, and automotive products securely tucked away where your furry pal can’t reach them.

Small Items

Shoes, purses, books, and other small items are all fair game to your cute little friend. Keep these things well out of Floppy’s reach.

Bitter Spray

It can also help to squirt forbidden items with a taste repellant. Ask your vet for recommendations, or check at your local pet store.

Proper Chew Toys

Be sure to offer your furball plenty of appropriate playthings to nibble on. Items made of wood, wicker, paper, and cardboard can all make good bunny toys. Just don’t give Floppy anything with sharp edges or small pieces that could cut or choke her, or anything covered in ink, paint, or varnish. Ask your vet for recommendations on safe and suitable bunny toys. Does your rabbit need veterinary care? Call us, your local Pickerington, OH veterinary clinic, today! We are here to serve all your pet care needs.