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Things That Only Cats Do

November 15, 2015
If you have a kitty, chances are you probably have some hilarious stories about your furball. Our feline friends are certainly full of adorable quirks. Fluffy has a way of keeping us giggling with her silly antics and unique purrsonality. In this article, a local Pickerington, OH vet lists some of Fluffy’s unique charms.

Obsess Over Boxes

While many animals feel secure in small spaces, Fluffy’s box obsession is a bit extreme. Big kitties, little kitties, fluffy kitties, sleek kitties … cats of all kinds love boxes!

Chatter At Birds

While not all of our feline friends do this, some cats start clacking their teeth and chittering when they look out a window and see birds nearby. No one has quite figured this one out yet, but then again, there are quite a few things about kitties that we still don’t completely understand.

Knock Things Off Counters

For some reason, Fluffy seems determined to keep coffee tables and counters free of small objects. We’re not sure why smacking things off tables is so much fun for cats, but it is rather amusing.

Interrupt Your Reading

Many of our animal friends have cute and charming ways of demanding our attention, but cats have a few methods that are all her own. Cat owners often find their furballs sprawled out on top of their books, or stretched out on their papers or magazines. Perhaps Fluffy suspects we are reading about other kitties?

Update Your Social Media Status

Cats have come right along with us into the computer age. Many of our feline friends like to curl up around our computer mice, or even sleep on our laptops. Fluffy has also been known to walk across keyboards at just the right moment. We’re pretty sure that more than one jibberish-y Facebook status can be attributed to kitties.

Follow You Into Bathrooms

Does your kitty often follow you into the bathroom? This is another one of Fluffy’s quirky habits. Maybe she suspects you’re keeping another cat in there.


Settling in with your kitty purring on your lap can be very relaxing. At least, until she starts happily clawing you. This is actually a sign that your furball thinks of you as her human parent, because kittens do this while they’re nursing. Love hurts! Do you have questions about cat care? Call us, your Pickerington, OH vet clinic, today!