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The Rules of Being a Cat

December 15, 2014
Our feline friends enrich our lives in many ways. These cute little furballs have a way of making us smile even on bad days, just by being themselves. Certainly plenty of people who thought they didn’t like cats have found themselves wrapped around a special kitty’s paw. Below, your vet Pickerington ponders the rules of being a cat.

Perfect The Innocent Look

Kitty’s curiosity and playful habits are adorable to watch, but sometimes they may get her into trouble. Fluffy might smack a glass figurine off a coffee table, pounce on your feet, or even jump on the counter! Cats are fairly smart, and are definitely at least intelligent enough to know when they’ve done something wrong. Hence, that innocent look.


Our feline friends certainly need their beauty sleep. Chasing toys, jumping on laps, and those sudden sprints down the hallway all use lots of energy! Cats can sleep up to 16 hours a day, which is more than almost any other animal. It’s no surprise that rest would be at the top of Kitty’s priority list.

Have Fun

Kitty might have a whole basket full of toys, not to mention the ones she’s lost under the stove or fridge. That doesn’t mean she won’t enjoy batting at the string on a sweatshirt, or pawing your pencil as you’re doing the crossword. Even the top of a plastic gallon jug might serve as Fluffy’s favorite toy for a few minutes. Maybe cats, like girls, just want to have fun.

Look Your Best

Cats are very meticulous about their beauty regimens. Your furball might spend hours each day carefully grooming herself to keep that pretty coat soft and shiny. Then, she might saunter over to her scratching post for a manicure. Staying neat and well-groomed would definitely be on Fluffy’s list of kitty commandments.

Show Your Affection

One of the most endearing qualities our feline friends have is that they are so adorable when they want to cuddle. Your furball might love to curl up in your lap, snuggle up with you in bed, or just hang out at your feet. She may show her affection by vocalizing, and even arguing with you at times. No matter how Kitty expresses herself, it’s impossible to mistake a cat’s affection for anything other than love. Please click here for more articles from your veterinary clinic Pickerington.