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Holiday Gifts for Pets

December 1, 2014
As the holidays approach, many of us are enjoying seasonal music, decorations, and food, and anticipating some quality time with our loved ones. It’s no surprise that people often choose to include their pets in their seasonal celebrations. After all, pets are part of the family! Below, your vet Canal Winchester suggests some great gifts for pets.


Catnip is a classic gift for kitties, and with good reason. About two thirds of cats get ridiculously happy when exposed to catnip. Your furball may also enjoy cat grass, which is sold at many pet stores. Some other options for your furball include toy balls, cans of tuna or salmon, kitty bed, and a window perch. If you really want to splurge, get Fluffy a cat tower!


Dogs love toys! Your pooch may enjoy a new rope toy if he loves to play tug-of-war. Chew toys are always a good choice for Fido. Your furry pal may also appreciate a warm sweater or jacket for those bitter winter days. If your canine buddy is aging, a good orthopedic bed is a great option for him. Your pup probably will also enjoy some homemade doggy treats!


If you are sharing your home with a bird, you’ve probably noticed your pet is very curious and playful. Birds need lots of stimulation to stay entertained, so new toys are a great gift option for your feathered friend. Hanging toys, rope toys, kabob toys, and foraging toys are a few choices for toys you can get a pet bird. Your feathered buddy may also enjoy a new perch, swing, or ladder. Some birds even like to ride around in little toy cars, so if your pet is the adventurous type, maybe he’d love some wheels of his own!

Pocket Pets

Pocket pets are very friendly and curious, and just like all of our other animal buddies, they love to play. Willow balls, tunnels and mazes, wooden chew toys, and little balls are a few things you can get for a pocket pet. Guinea pigs and rabbits might enjoy a fresh pot of organic herbs, while hamsters or gerbils might love a new hidey-hole or maze. All of us here at your vet clinic Canal Winchester want to wish you a wonderful holiday season. We look forward to serving your pet care needs in 2015 and beyond!