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Cold Weather Safety Tips for Pets

November 1, 2014
The colder months are now upon us. As with any season, it’s important to keep your pet’s health and safety in mind! Try these cold-weather safety guidelines from your vet in Pickerington.

Don’t Leave Pet Outdoors

Even if your pet loves frolicking outside in the cold and snow, be sure to limit outdoor time when the temperatures dip. Pets that stay out too long are at risk for potentially deadly frostbite and hypothermia. Through the winter, any pet will be happiest indoors in the warmth, spending time with you and your family.

Give Pet Clothing a Try

Have you considered dressing your pet up in some warm winter clothing for those occasions when you do have to go outside? There is plenty of dog and cat clothing available on the market today, from parkas and coats to boots and earmuffs! Check with your veterinarian to see if these products might be right for your pet.

Check Your Hood

As the temperature drops, outdoor cats like to take shelter under cars or up in the engine compartment. If a car is started while they’re still there, serious injury or death can occur. To prevent this, give your car’s hood a few sharp raps before you get in and start the engine. This will startle any stowaways into running off.

Beware of Antifreeze

We use antifreeze in the cold months to keep our engines running properly. Did you know that antifreeze is a deadly pet poison? It contains ethylene glycol, a sweet-tasting alcoholic substance that is very poisonous. Keep pets inside when using antifreeze, and clean up spills immediately.

Wipe Your Pet Down

A pet that goes outdoors in the winter, even just for a quick bathroom break, may come back in with road salt, antifreeze, ice chips, ice melting chemicals, and other grime on their paws and legs. Be sure to use a large, soft towel to wipe your pet down when they come back indoors. Your veterinarian Pickerington can give you more helpful cold-weather safety tips—call the office today!