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The Many Benefits of Grooming Your Dog

October 15, 2014
Although proper grooming is great for improving your dog’s good looks, it’s actually about more than that. Grooming is essential for your pet’s overall health. Learn more here from a vet in Canal Winchester.

Moisturizing Fur

Simply brushing through your dog’s coat helps to spread essential skin oils through the fur. These oils keep the hair well-moisturized, shiny, and healthy. It prevents a dull, dry coat, and allows less shedding onto your carpets and furniture. Some dogs even benefit from extra hair-care products, like finishing sprays or special moisturizers. Ask your veterinarian if these items would be a good choice for your pooch.

Combating Allergies

Grooming is great for combating your own allergies and your pet’s! Regular brushing and occasional bathing will help remove allergens like dirt, pollen, fleas, and ticks from the coat. This will help out with your or a family member’s allergies, and can help pets who suffer from allergies as well. Talk with your veterinary professional for more allergy-control information and tips.

Keeping Skin Healthy

Matted or tangled hair can get very uncomfortable for dogs, because it tends to pull and stretch the underlying skin when a dog walks. Mats have even been known to affect walking ability and gait if the mat is located in particular areas! Plus, dirt and grime tend to accumulate under matted fur, potentially causing infection and irritation. Avoid these issues by keeping your dog’s coat well-groomed via brushing and bathing.

Topical Check-Up Opportunity

Grooming time can double as an excellent chance to check out your dog’s skin and body condition. Run your hands over your dog’s body as you groom them, and feel for any lumps, bumps, lacerations, or anything else that seems abnormal. If you find anything, let your vet know right away. Your veterinarian Canal Winchester can offer more help on the exact grooming procedures that your dog requires. Ask him or her for advice on canine shampoos and conditioners, as well as brushing techniques and scheduling grooming time.