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Helping Rescued Horses

May 1, 2024

Did you know there are more than 7 million horses in the United States? Regrettably, many of these beautiful animals end up in challenging circumstances. Approximately 200,000 animals are abandoned or rescued every year. If you have a passion for horses, as we do, you might be interested in finding ways to support them. A veterinarian in Pickerington, OH, lists various ways you can make a positive impact in this article.

Why Are Horse Rescues So Important?

Horses are incredibly intelligent, have a strong emotional intelligence, and can form close bonds with their human companions. They were initially domesticated 6,000 years ago and have had a huge impact on civilization since then. They were our main form of transportation until just over a century ago! Not only did they help us plow fields, but they also fearlessly joined us in battle. Unfortunately, Silver is frequently seen as a mere tool, rather than a living being. Even though many horses are loved and cared for, there have always been horses in bad situations. For instance, back in 1866, Henry Burgh, the pioneering individual behind the ASPCA, stepped in when he came across a cart driver mistreating his horse. Ultimately, this resulted in the first arrest for horse abuse.

Several reasons have exacerbated the problem over the last century, including the sale of horse meat, the racing industry’s preference of profit over protection, financial issues, and wild horse roundups.

Should I Adopt A Rescue Horse?

We firmly believe that every one of these majestic animals should have access to spacious pastures, the company of fellow horses, plenty of love and care, and, of course, a comfortable and well-kept stall. (And, of course, carrots, sugar cubes, and gentle forehead rubs.) If you have the time and resources, adoption could be an excellent option. You might find it to be an immensely satisfying journey.

However, adoption may not be suitable for everyone. Horses demand an extensive amount of care and attention. Your hooved friend will require feeding, hoof care, stall mucking, and clean buckets every day. Horses also need ample space for turnout, so having a sufficient amount of land is necessary. Regular farrier visits are crucial for ensuring the health of your horse’s hooves. Then there’s dental care, veterinary care, the expenses for feed, tack … basically, a never-ending list of other costs.

Simply put, it is not advisable for individuals to take on the responsibility of owning horses without fully understanding the significant amount of time, effort, and financial resources involved.

However, there are always alternatives available. For example, you might want to consider leasing a horse or even adopting one and boarding it at a full-service stable. Ask for recommendations from your Pickerington, OH veterinarian.

Aside From Adoption, What Are Some Other Ways To Assist Horses?

There are other ways you can contribute to making a difference. Additionally, there are numerous alternative methods to contribute towards horses in need. Fostering is one option. If you already have a barn and hooved buddies, you may want to consider fostering a rescue horse. There may be some extra expenses, but you may find it to be incredibly rewarding.

You could also look into sponsorships. There are countless rescued horses that require sponsors. This is an excellent way to help a horse without making a major long-term commitment. Rescues frequently arrive at their sanctuary in a less-than-optimal state. Usually, they need pedicures and thorough examinations, at the very least. Many require thorough and costly treatment to recover. Rescues greatly appreciate any financial assistance that is offered.

How Do I Support Horse Rescues?

If you have a passion for adopting or supporting a meaningful cause, you’ll discover a multitude of committed individuals and organizations who are tirelessly working to rescue horses.

Here are a few types of equine rescues:

Racehorse Rescues: Unfortunately, the racing industry often results in unfortunate outcomes for many horses. There are many organizations that are committed to assisting retired racehorses in finding new homes through adoption. If you are looking to adopt, this could be a great option. Welcoming a rescued thoroughbred into your life comes with a multitude of benefits. They are reasonably priced, fairly recent, and stunning. Of course, Silver will need some training to get used to various riding styles, but could actually be a good thing!

Draft Horses: These gentle giants are frequently disregarded and undervalued in the horse industry. After devoting their lives to arduous duties like transporting carts and logs,  many are just cast aside when their exertions and long years of commitment begin to wear them down.

Wild Horses: Wild horse rescues can operate in various ways. Certain locations provide a secure sanctuary for horses, enabling them to wander without constraint.

General Rescues: There are many rescue organizations that just try to help any horses they can. There is no shortage of horses in need! (It’s worth noting that even specialized rescues sometimes prioritize assisting horses over their primary objective. You might stumble upon a mini donkey at a draft horse rescue, for instance.)

Donkeys: Don’t forget about the smaller equines! Donkeys often encounter unfortunate situations. Unfortunately, these cute and talkative equines are often overlooked.

International Horse Rescues: The past few decades have been pretty eventful, to say the least. These circumstances have led to serious situations in many countries. Rescues are present and operational in nearly every country and corner of the world.

Saving Auction Horses: Despite the official prohibition on horse slaughter in the United States, horses are often purchased at auction by buyers who then transport them to Canada or Mexico. This is extremely callous, as the horses frequently end up in appalling conditions. Many are wounded, and/or undernourished, and they are all frightened and confused. Multiple organizations are putting in significant effort to rescue horses from that pipeline.  They are making a difference, one horse at a time.

Here are just a few examples. There are numerous other rescues to choose from. Many individuals opt to work with specific breeds, while others find joy in focusing on local horses. Below you’ll find a detailed compilation of rescues categorized by state.

It’s a good idea to assess a rescue organization before deciding to make a donation. No need to go overboard Just give their website and social media a quick check to ensure they’re active and reliable. Rescues with official 501c3 status are always a good option. Many smaller rescues are also deserving of attention. The big thing is to be cautious of imposters. Scammers often repost content from popular pages.

Champion the Cause of Horse Protection

Stay vigilant for upcoming legislation aimed at safeguarding horses and closing loopholes that enable mistreatment. Advocating for and increasing awareness about pending legislation that aims to safeguard horses are both very important.

This is definitely an area where individuals can truly make an impact. Just like with other animal advocacy causes, raising awareness alone can make a meaningful difference. If you’ve been following any horse rescues, you could help spread the word by sharing their posts.

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