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7 Reasons To Appreciate Snakes

February 1, 2022
Did you know that today, February 1st, is Serpent Appreciation Day? We’re guessing probably not. In fact, this ‘holiday’ is probably under the radar for most folks. Snakes are actually pretty much maligned, and have really suffered from bad PR. A Pickerington, OH vet lissssts some reasons to appreciate these pretty and fascinating reptiles below.

Pest Control

Just like any other animal, snakes fill an important niche in the ecosystem. One of their most important ‘jobs’ is clearing rodents. Snakes often eat things like mice, rats, and other vermin. These unwanted guests may be small, but they can spell big trouble: they destroy food stores, damage buildings, and carry dangerous diseases.

No Training Needed

Many of our animal companions need training to learn how to behave properly. Pet snakes should be handled gently and regularly, to keep them tame and docile. However, they don’t need any real training or education: they’re perfectly fine just being themselves.


Snakes are a great choice of pet for people with allergies. They do shed, but the skin doesn’t typically cause allergic reactions.

Quiet Pet

We love our canine patients, but not everyone is as fond of Fido as we are. It’s not uncommon for pooches to annoy neighbors with noise. That definitely isn’t a problem with snakes!

No Mess

Another great benefit of having a snake? Your pet won’t chew up your shoes or leave a hairball in the kitchen. You won’t have any smells to deal with, either!

Easy Care

Snakes do need proper care, just like any other animal. That means providing proper food, a clean, comfy habitat, fresh water, and veterinary care. However, snakes don’t eat every day, so there may be many times when your only daily task may be offering fresh water and spot cleaning your scaled buddy’s habitat.


One of the biggest reasons to appreciate snakes? They really are quite beautiful. Snakes’ scales are made of keratin, the same substance that forms our nails and hair. There are serpents of almost every color of the rainbow, from bright greens to vivid blues and yes, even purple. Our scaled buddies also come in many beautiful patterns. You may be surprised at how graceful and fascinating snakes are. Our serpentine friends can be absolutely captivating to watch! Do you have questions about snake care? Please contact us, your Pickerington, OH animal clinic, today!