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Fall With Fluffy

September 15, 2021
Autumn is officially here! As the air chills, many of our feline pals will get extra frisky. Of course, like any other season, fall can be a bit dangerous for kitties. Read on as a Pickerington, OH vet offers some fall care tips for cats.

Wellness Care

Fleas may be more prevalent in summer, but that doesn’t mean you can let Fluffy’s preventative care lapse. In fact, as it gets cold, many of these smaller animals will be trying to find a way in. Keep up with your kitty’s vaccinations and parasite control.


You’ve probably noticed that cats are very fond of naps. Make sure that Fluffy has plenty of warm, cozy spots to snuggle up in. Older cats may appreciate a heated bed or thermal blanket.


It’s going to start getting dark earlier. If you won’t get home before sundown, turn a light on for Fluffy before you leave. That way, she won’t be stuck sitting in a dark, quiet house.


We can’t overstate how much we recommend keeping cats inside. Even if you do let your cat out, you’ll want to limit her excursions at this time of year. For one thing, it gets dark earlier. The weather can also change rapidly: you don’t want your feline buddy caught out in the cold. You may want to set out some sort of emergency kitty shelter.


Toxins are one big concern at this time of year. Antifreeze, lawn/garden chemicals, and rodenticides are all dangerous to cats. Many of the things people plant in fall, such as garlic, are also unsafe.


Cats often shed a lot more than usual at this time of year, as they are exchanging their summer wardrobe for thicker winter fur. You may want to brush Fluffy every day. That way, you’ll catch that dead hair with a brush, so it doesn’t get stuck to, well, everything. It can also prevent hairballs.


Did you know that cats sleep more than usual in dreary, rainy weather? There is a benefit to this. Kitties make great cuddle buddies and lap warmers! What better way to spend a rainy fall day than curling up with a hot tea or coffee, a great book or movie, and your feline friend? Is your feline pal due for an exam? Contact us, your Pickerington, OH veterinary clinic, today. We’re here to help!