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Homemade Toys for Birds

June 15, 2021
Have you recently adopted a feathered friend? Birds are very playful, and they are always investigating, well, everything. If you want to keep Polly happy and entertained, you’ll need to make sure she has lots of toys. Store-bought toys are great, but there are also many things you can make your little buddy yourself. Read on for some great DIY toy suggestions from a local Pickerington, OH vet. 

Popsicle Stick Toys

Popsicle sticks may very well be the most versatile bird toy out there. You can make ladders out of them, or connect them in different shapes. Or, turn them into swings by stringing beaded ropes through them. Just make sure the surfaces are smooth.

Children’s Toys

Many toys made for toddlers are safe for Polly. Big plastic rings are a good option. You can link a few together into a chain, or dangle other toys from it.


Swings are very popular among our winged pals! There are many different ways to make these. You can use bamboo, leather, or green (nontoxic) branches).  Just make sure there are no sharp splinters poking out. Frayed and loose ropes are also unsafe, as they can trap or injure your little buddy.

Foraging Toys

Our feathered pals love to forage for goodies! Put some yummy snacks in a dixie cup or a cardboard egg carton. You can also use a wicker basket with handles, though you’ll want to wind strips of cloth around the handles. Cover Polly’s goodies with plain or shredded paper, and let her have at it! 

Hanging Toys

There’s really almost no end to the hanging toys you can make your cute pet. Some of the things you can use include plastic shower rings, popsicle sticks, playing cards, plastic bottle caps, poker chips, beads, and cupcake papers. You can also make chains out of pasta or popcorn.


As always, put your pet’s safety first. Don’t include anything that is small enough to be a choking hazard. Items that are sharp or toxic are also unsafe. If you’re not sure what is and isn’t safe for your winged friend to play with, ask your vet for pointers. Polly’s size is also a factor; certain objects are safe for small birds, but not for big ones. The opposite is also true.  Do you have questions about bird care? Contact us, your Pickerington, OH veterinary clinic, today!