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Bearded Dragons and Kids

April 1, 2021
Have you noticed any of your friends, family members, or co-workers posting pictures of their kids with bearded dragons? There’s definitely been an uptick in the amount of children with pet dragons. This is certainly an adorable phenomenon! But are bearded dragons really suitable for children? A Pickerington, OH vet discusses kids and beardies in this article.

Benefits Of Beardies

Beardies can actually make pretty wonderful pets for children. One definite plus is the fact that they are naturally clean. They tend to pick one area of their habitat to use as a bathroom, and can even be potty-trained. Another great perk? They don’t need much room. Because they don’t have fur, they’re also great options for kids that are allergic to dogs and cats. Plus, they’re quiet, gentle, and easy to care for. Did we mention that these lizards are really cute?

The Appeal

Bearded dragons seem to really strike a chord with some kids. Maybe it’s the appeal of having a pet dragon. Or, maybe it’s just the fact that beardies often do seem to bond to their tiny humans, and enjoy hanging out with them. That said, it’s fairly common for kids to beg for pets, and promise to care for them, only to lose interest. Be prepared for that possibility. On the plus side, bearded dragons don’t need much daily care. All you need to do is feed them, clean their cages, and bathe them a few times a week. Mature children can easily handle those small tasks under supervision. If you do end up taking over, it will be much easier than training a puppy! 


While beardies are great, there are a few concerns. They can contract salmonella, and sometimes do get parasites. However, they’re still quite safe. Your child will just need to wash their hands after handling their pet or cleaning their enclosure. If your little one is still very young, supervise their interactions with their pet dinosaur as a precaution.  Food is another thing to consider. Bearded dragons eat insects, along with fresh produce. You’ll need to purchase and handle live bugs. This could be a dealbreaker if you and/or your youngster are squeamish. Do plenty of research before proceeding. Beardies live about 10 years, so be sure you’re ready for that commitment. As your Pickerington, OH veterinary clinic, we’re here to help. Call us anytime!