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5 Care Tips for Senior Dogs

June 15, 2019
As your dog gets up there in the age department, it’s important to keep up with his or her care needs. Now more than ever, your canine companion needs to remain healthy—it’s up to you to make that happen! Here are five care tips for senior dogs from your Pickerington, OH vet:

Proper Diet

It’s important that all senior dogs are fed a diet that suits their age and nutritional needs. Ask your vet about a diet that’s made specifically for the needs of older canines if your dog isn’t already eating a senior formula. Your vet can tell you all about transitioning your pooch to a new food, and they can advise you on the proper portion size so your dog stays at a healthy weight.

Preventative Care

It’s all too easy for a pest infestation or infection to sideline your older dog’s health, and advanced age only makes it more difficult to recover. That’s why you must keep up with your pooch’s preventative care measures! Make sure Fido is wearing proper pest preventatives to get rid of fleas, ticks, and worms. It’s also important that he stays updated on essential vaccinations. If your dog needs these healthcare steps, contact your vet right away.

Grooming Help

Grooming is important for older dogs. It helps to keep the skin and fur healthy, reduce odors, and keep your pooch looking his absolute best. Brushing removes loose and dead fur from the coat, and it spreads essential skin oils throughout your dog’s fur to moisturize the coat naturally. The occasional bath is also helpful, but don’t overdo it—bathing too frequently can dry out your pooch’s coat and lead to more shedding.

Home Comforts

Set up your home in such a way that your older dog has an easy time getting around. Try using pet ramps or stairs to help Fido get up on the couch or bed. You might also line slippery tile or wooden floors with rugs or carpet strips; this can help your dog keep his footing while trekking across these surfaces.

Veterinary Checkups

Last but not least, regularly veterinary visits are another essential part of your aging dog’s care routine. When your veterinarian examines your dog regularly, any health issues can be caught early and treated as necessary. That way, your dog stays healthy for years to come! Call your Pickerington, OH animal hospital to learn more.