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5 Care Tips for Fido’s Coat

March 15, 2019
It’s up to you to make sure your dog’s coat of fur stays in good shape—our dogs aren’t quite as talented as our feline friends when it comes to grooming! Below, your Pickerington, OH veterinarian gives you five tips on caring for your dog’s coat.

Feed a Great Diet

One of the most effective ways to maintain your dog’s coat health is also one of the easiest: feed him a high-quality diet. When your dog gets a well-balanced, nutritional food every day, the skin and hair follicles stay healthy. That means a thick, moisturized coat of fur with minimal shedding. Consult your vet if you think your dog could use an upgrade in the diet department; he or she can recommend a great choice for Fido’s needs.

Brush Regularly

Brush your dog on a regular basis. This removes dirt and grime from underneath the fur, gets rid of loose hair in the coat so it doesn’t wind up all over your floors and furniture, and smooths any tangles to prevent mats. Plus, brushing spreads your dog’s natural skin oils through his entire coat. This moisturizes it naturally and cuts down on shedding dramatically.

Bathe Occasionally

The occasional bath is another great way to keep your dog’s coat in top-quality shape. Of course, bathing keeps your dog clean, and it helps him to smell his absolute best. Bathing is also effective for getting rid of a lot of your dog’s loose fur, once again helping shedding to stay at a minimum. Always use a canine-formulated shampoo when bathing Fido, and don’t bathe too often. Bathing too frequently can actually dry out the skin and fur, leading to a dull, coarse coat and more shedding.

Try Supplements

For some dogs, dietary supplements can work to help moisturize the fur even further and give the coat a healthy, well-moisturized sheen. Supplements that may be given to dogs include omega-3 fatty acids, coconut oil, and fish oil, among others. As a general rule, ask your vet before giving a supplement to your dog—not all dogs need dietary supplements, so you’ll want to make sure it’s okay before offering them to your pooch.

Pest Prevention

Few things can ruin a dog’s coat quality like a pest infestation! Make sure your dog stays up-to-date on preventative medicines to get rid of fleas, ticks, and worms. Contact your Pickerington, OH veterinary clinic for more information.