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Fun Ways to Give Your Cat the Proper Exercise

June 15, 2018
Do you have an indoor cat? Like any other pet, your feline friend needs her exercise! Read on as your Pickerington, OH veterinarian tells you about a few fun ways to get your cat moving.

Cat Toys

What better way to give your cat plenty of fun and exercise than with toys? Toys keep your cat’s body in tip-top shape, and they help to engage and stimulate her mind. You can use everything from a complicated puzzle toy to a simple piece of string dangling in front of Fluffy’s face. However you do it, try to get your cat playing for several minutes at a time, a few times per day.

Laser Lights

A laser light toy is a newer invention that makes for hours of great fun for our feline companions. It’s also a great way to give your cat a solid workout! Purchase a laser light toy at your local pet supply store or retail outlet and watch your cat go nuts chasing after that pesky red dot. Just make sure you don’t shine the laser light directly in Fluffy’s eyes!


Have you ever tried catnip on your pet? It’s our feline friends’ favorite indulgence. The catnip herb contains a chemical substance that causes the reaction you’ll see in your cat, and it’s perfectly harmless. The bonus is that many cats will become excited and energetic, darting around and getting a good workout while having the time of their lives.

Cat Towers

A cat tower is a great way to provide your pet with her own space, and it encourages exercise with its multiple tiers, built-in toys, and scratching areas. Since cats love to survey their territory from a high position, cat towers usually go over very well with our feline companions. Talk to your veterinarian to find out what kind of cat tower structure will work best for your pet.

A Friend

Have you ever considered getting your cat a playmate? Another cat in the house—or even a dog, in some cases—can provide plenty of healthy stimulation, as well as hours of good exercise when your pets play together. Talk to your vet before adding another pet to your home, and be sure to ask about tips for introducing a new pet into the mix. For more advice on your cat’s exercise needs, call your Pickerington, OH vet clinic today. We’re here to help!