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No-Fuss Ways to Give Your Dog His Pill

May 1, 2018
Most dogs have to take medication at one point or another. If you’ve tried giving your pet a pill in the past, you know that it can often be a tricky task! Use these suggestions from a Pickerington, OH veterinarian to give your dog his pill with minimal fuss.

Hiding Pill in Food

Most often, the easiest course of action is to try hiding your dog’s pill in the center of a glob of wet dog food, pressing into a soft dog treat, or wrapping it inside a thin slice of deli meat. With any luck, your dog will gobble up the tasty morsel without ever knowing there was medicine inside! Always check with your vet first, though, to make sure your dog’s medication can be taken with food.

Tossing Trick

If your dog enjoys catching treats in mid-air, you can try using the tossing trick. Toss your dog a few treats, then the pill, then another dog treat. Do it in quick succession, and your dog will—hopefully—be so entranced that he won’t realize one of the “treats” was actually his medication!

The Crushing Method

It’s possible that you may be able to crush up your dog’s pill and then sprinkle it over his meal or stir it into his food. This can be effective, but it comes with a risk: crushing a pill may render the medicine ineffective, or it might introduce an overdose of medicine to your dog’s system all at once. You’ll want to check with your veterinarian ahead of time to make sure you’re able to crush up your dog’s medicine.

Chewable Pills

Many medications, as well as preventatives, dietary supplements, and vitamins, now come in chewable versions. These small tablets are formulated to taste like a dog treat, so our canine companions usually love them! Check with your vet to see if your dog’s medicine comes in chewable form.

Manual Administration

You’ll have to administer your pooch’s pill manually if the above methods don’t work, perhaps enlisting a family member to help. Pry open Fido’s jaws with one hand, drop the pill far back on the tongue, and close the jaws. Massage your dog’s throat to stimulate swallowing. Do you need help getting your dog to take his pill? Do you have particular questions about the medication your pet needs to take? We’re here for you. Call your Pickerington, OH animal hospital today!