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Great Holiday Gifts for Senior Dogs

December 15, 2017
The holiday season is in full swing! It’s always great to reconnect with friends and family, and enjoy some of the seasonal festivities and celebrations. Your canine pal is part of the family, too! However, as Fido ages, his needs will change a bit. Read on as a Pickerington, OH vet lists some holiday gifts for senior dogs.

Comfy Bed

Making sure that your canine buddy has a comfy bed to snuggle up in is very important! An orthopedic bed would be a great choice for your four-legged friend. This is really a great gift for pets with arthritis or hip dysplasia, as these painful medical problems can make dogs quite stiff and sore. Don’t forget to snap some cute pictures of Fido snuggled up in his new bed!

Dental Chews

Dental care is very important to your pup’s health and well-being. Offer Fido some dental-formula treats or chews. These are formulated to remove tartar and plaque, helping keep your furry pal’s teeth and mouth clean and healthy. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Doggy Massage

Dogs often enjoy a good massage just as much as people do. Treat your pooch to a day at a doggy spa! If you really want to pamper your four-legged buddy, give him a special treat afterwards.

Elevated Dishes

Did you know that dogs have to strain their necks to eat off bowls on the floor? Consider upgrading Fido’s dinnerware, and getting him some elevated doggy dishes.

Pet Ramps

Older dogs often have a hard time climbing on and off furniture, going up and down stairs, or getting in and out of cars. Pet ramps or stairs can help keep your pooch mobile and active.

Pain Management

Does your canine pal have arthritis or hip dysplasia? These painful conditions are quite common in older dogs. While, unfortunately, they can’t be cured, they can be treated. There are now quite a few great options for treatments that will reduce Fido’s pain, increase his mobility, and help improve his quality of life. Ask us about laser therapy or platelet rich plasma (PRP) transfusions.

Doggy Socks

Walking on hot or harsh surfaces really isn’t very fun for Fido! Get Fido some doggy socks or booties to protect his furry feet. Happy Holidays! Please contact us, you Pickerington, OH pet hospital, for all your dog’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!