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Tips for First-Time Snake Owners

November 15, 2017
Have you recently decided to adopt a snake? Reptiles are fascinating pets, but they definitely aren’t for everyone. It’s important to do plenty of research before deciding to bring a snake home. Read on as a local Pickerington, OH vet offers some helpful tips for first-time snake owners.

Buy Captive-Bred

Wild-caught snakes are not only much less docile than captive-bred ones, they’re also more likely to have diseases or parasites. It’s also important to get your new pet from a reputable store or dealer.

Don’t Expect A Cuddly Pet

While some snakes don’t mind being handled, most of them aren’t exactly affectionate. In fact, our scaled pals tend to be rather indifferent to their owners. Make sure you know what to expect from your pet.

Choose A Beginner Snake

One common mistake that first-time snake owners often make is buying a snake that is just too much for them to handle. Not only do some snakes get very, very large, some are quite dangerous. A milk snake, garter snake, or California kingsnake is a good choice for a beginner.

Do Your Research

If you’ve never owned a snake before, you’ll be facing a bit of a learning curve when it comes to caring for your pet. Learn all you can, not just about your snake’s breed, but also about snakes in general. You’ll want to find out about signs of sickness, feeding procedures, and shedding, among other things.

Estimate Costs

Keeping a snake can get quite pricey! You’ll need to pay for food and veterinary care. You’ll also have to offer your pet a comfortable, suitable home. This may require special equipment, which can increase your power bills. Make sure you can afford to properly take care of your snake.

Find A Good Vet

Just like any other pet, snakes need proper veterinary care in order to stay healthy. Look for a good veterinarian that is experienced in treating reptiles.

Be Prepared To Commit

Unfortunately, snakes are often purchased on impulse. It isn’t uncommon for people to lose interest in their scaled pets, and try to rehome them. This is definitely not in the snake’s best interests! Make sure you are ready to take care of your snake for its entire life. Do you have questions about caring for a snake? Contact us, your Pickerington, OH pet hospital, today. We are happy to help!