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Healing Hands and a Servant’s Heart

March 14, 2016
While the Winchester Vet team devotes their days to caring for four-footed patients, their overarching mission of creating a stronger community extends itself to caring for people too. This past holiday season, Dr. Grinstead and her care team worked with the Canal Winchester Human Services organization to “adopt” ten underprivileged children.  The Winchester Vet team of elves then set off to find clothing, shoes, and some special wishlist items for these extra-special kids! The giving doesn’t stop after the holiday season for the Winchester Vet crew.  A special promotion offered at the clinic is the $1 New Client Exam — every new client that books an appointment with Winchester Vet Clinic, will receive a nose-to-tail exam for just $1.  Dr. Grinstead and team collected the money from those new client exams scheduled during the last quarter of 2015 and will be donating it to The BrockStrong Foundation!  The BrockStrong Foundation is a not for profit organization created to continue the legacy of Brock Johnson through supporting the things he loved. Not only does the team at Winchester Vet Clinic work hard for our pets — day in and day out — they work hard for our community!
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