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Humane Society seizes 57 dogs in animal neglect case – Winchester Veterinary Clinic is there to help!

February 2, 2016
More than 50 dogs seized from Rushville home Friday by the Fairfield County Area Humane Society. The dogs are now split between the humane society and the Fairfield County Dog Shelter.
Dr. Lynn Grinstead, a veterinarian at Winchester Veterinary Clinic, tries to get a pack of dogs off her lap so she can check the another kennel of dogs Monday at the Fairfield County Area Humane Society in Lancaster. Grinstead was checking the 57 dogs the society seized on Friday from a breeder. Matthew Berry/Eagle-Gazette
    Follow this LINK to see how Dr. Grinstead and her team stepped up to help! (via the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette)    
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