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Seasonal Pet Hazards: Autumn

October 15, 2015
The cooler breezes of autumn are in the air. Is your pet prepared to face the hazards of the season? Here, your Pickerington, OH veterinarian tells you what to be on the lookout for to keep your furry friend safe.

Pesticides and Rodenticides

Rodent and insect pests infiltrate our homes in the fall in order to seek shelter from the cooling temperatures outdoors. If you combat these pests with pesticides or rodenticides, place them with extreme caution; these products are poisons and can harm our companion animals as well as the pests they’re formulated to kill. Consider asking your veterinarian about non-toxic alternatives that are safer for pets.

Halloween Hazards

Chocolate and candy are found in abundance in the fall, as Halloween and trick-or-treat night approach. Make sure your pet can’t get near such treats, as chocolate and candy can have serious toxic effects. If you plan on dressing your pet up in a Halloween costume, make sure they’re comfortable wearing clothes and won’t get stressed out. Also check the costume for small parts that could be chewed off, swallowed, and choked on.

School Supplies

Do you have little ones who have gone back to school recently? Take care not to leave glue sticks, crayons, markers, or scissors lying around on the floor where pets could encounter them. At the very least, these items present a choking hazard. Glue sticks could poison a pet who ingests them, and scissors can cause lacerations or puncture wounds.

Heating Devices

Warding off the chilly autumn weather with portable heaters? Make sure pets don’t lie too close, as painful burns and blisters can result if a tail or carelessly touches them. Fireplaces can also cause burns should a pet swipe a limb or tail through the open flame. Keep a close eye on your pet to avoid the danger.

Wild Mushrooms

Did you know that autumn is peak mushroom season? It’s not very likely that your pet will encounter a toxic mushroom, as only about 1% of all mushrooms are toxic, but it’s best to play it safe. It’s possible that even safe mushrooms have been sprayed with weed killer or fertilizers, and too much of any foreign substance can make a pet sick. These aren’t the only autumn pet hazards out there. Give your Pickerington, OH vet a call to find out about other dangers and how to keep your animal companion safe.