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New Veterinarian at Winchester Veterinary Clinic

June 25, 2015
New veterinarian in Canal OhioWinchester Veterinary Clinic welcomes our newest veterinarian, Dr. Amber Kostelansky. Dr. Kostelansky is originally from Pennsylvania, however, she is not new to our Ohio area. She graduated from the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, volunteered regularly at the Ohio Wildlife Center and practiced for an Ohio emergency veterinary clinic. Dr. Kostelansky specializes in surgeries, preventive medicine, and behavioral training.  She has four cats, Ellie, Jack, Navy, and Flash, and a rabbit named Bunnicula that she adopted from Winchester Veterinary Clinic. She also has two red-eared sliders, Muppet and Myrtle and several tropical fish. Dr. Kostelansky is so excited to meet you and your pets. Call to make an appointment to meet her today at (614) 837-5555.  Learn more about Dr. Kostelansky
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