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Common Myths About Dogs

March 1, 2015
Dogs have been with us for countless ages. While we’ve gotten to know Fido quite well in that time, we’ve also picked up a few misconceptions along the way. In this article from your Canal Winchester veterinarian, you’ll read about some of the biggest myths about our canine friends.

Female Dogs Should Have A Litter Before Being Fixed

This is an old folk myth, and there is absolutely no truth to it. Giving birth doesn’t benefit your female dog in any way. Being fixed will actually lower her risk of breast cancer and uterine infections. And as for the puppies, with so many wonderful dogs already in need of good homes, we really can’t advocate unnecessary breeding.

Purebreds Have More Health Problems Than Mongrels

While mutts are less prone to genetic disorders than purebred dogs, they are actually just as likely to develop health issues.

A Wagging Tail Means A Happy Dog

It’s true that dogs often wag their tails when they’re excited or happy, but Fido may wag that tail for other reasons as well. Sometimes dogs wag their tails as a sign of agitation or even aggression.

Garlic Keeps Fleas Away

Garlic is sometimes used to control fleas or worms, but it’s actually quite dangerous for dogs. Use flea control products instead.

Table Scraps Won’t Hurt Your Dog

Fido might be a master at begging, but don’t give in! While an occasional bit of unseasoned meat is generally fine, don’t give your furry buddy people food. It can lead to obesity, and sometimes even cause an allergic reaction.

You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

Life is a learning experience for us, and for our canine pals too! Don’t assume that you’re wasting your time trying to teach a senior dog something. Many dogs really enjoy learning new things!

Bones Are Good For Dogs

Bones can actually be very dangerous for your furry pal! Cooked bones can be very brittle, and can cause obstructions or damage your dog’s digestive system by splintering. Give your canine buddy rawhide treats instead. Do you have any questions about caring for your canine buddy? Is Fido due for shots or a checkup? Please feel free to contact us any time. As your local Canal Winchester veterinary clinic, we are always here to serve all your pet care needs. To read more pet care articles, please click here.