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Fun Toys for Birds

February 1, 2015
Birds are fascinating animals. These charming, feathered beauties have been beloved pets for centuries. While our feathered friends are fairly easy to care for, they do have some specific requirements. A comfortable cage and a nutritious diet are two of the most important things. Another thing birds need is stimulation. Life in a cage can get pretty boring, so to keep your pet happy, you’ll need to provide him with lots of toys. Below, your vet Canal Winchester goes over some options for toys you can buy or make for your winged buddy.

Hanging Toys

There are all sorts of fun and cute hanging toys you can get for your feathered pal. Wooden shapes, ropes, blocks, bells, and boxes are some of the things your bird may enjoy. Kabob toys are generally comprised of toys, such as boxes or blocks, strung together on a rope. These are very popular with our feathered friends!


All birds need time out of their cage. Why not get your feathered buddy a little play gym or playpen he can enjoy? There are many variations on playpens and play gyms for birds. Many involve perches, ladders, swings, and slides, all set up in fun configurations. You can buy one, or make your own using swings, ladders, slides, and perches made of varying materials.

Foraging Toys

Birds love to hunt for treats. Try filling some recycled Chinese food containers with treats, or fill little sachets with toys or snacks. You can even wrap some goodies in plain toilet paper, coffee filters, tissue paper, or a brown paper bag!

Piñata Toys

As the name suggests, these toys are filled with treats that Birdy can only have when he gets to them. Also known as foraging toys, Piñata toys are colorful and fun for your pet! Another cute option is to put some goodies in a whiffle ball, and hang it from the top of your pet’s cage. When choosing toys for your pet, always put safety first! Never give a bird anything that has been stained or treated with chemicals. Also, avoid giving your feathered buddy toys with small or sharp pieces that could choke or cut them. Remember to change your pet’s toys out every week or two to keep him from getting bored! Please contact us, your vet clinic Canal Winchester, for help with all of your pet care needs.