Dr. Lynn Grinstead

Owner, Veterinarian

Growing up with allergies and asthma, Dr. Lynn Grinstead wasn’t supposed to spend a lot of time with animals. However, this didn’t put a damper on her interest and love for them! A few career-choice changes and 11 years of post-high school education later, Dr. Grinstead became what she’d always been meant to be: a veterinarian.

Dr. Grinstead grew up in Pickerington. She first attended the Florida Institute of Technology to study marine biology before entering The Ohio State University’s Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology Doctorate program. During her last year of doctorate studies, she applied to OSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine, starting in 1998. That same year, she began working as a Veterinary Assistant here at Winchester Veterinary Clinic.

Medically, Dr. Grinstead enjoys internal medicine cases and using physical exams, blood work, x-rays, and ultrasound to put the pieces of the puzzle together. She also loves surgeries and the instant gratification they can bring. She also appreciates the long-lasting bonds that she forms with her clients and their furry family members.

Dr. Grinstead has been married to her husband George since 1993. They have a daughter, Sydney, and a son named Constantine. As you might imagine, their home is full of animals. They have six dogs (a MastaDane, a pit bull, a beagle, a sheltie mix – Petie, the clinic mascot, a terrier mix, and a chihuahua), five cats, ten chickens, and a green-winged macaw!

In her time away from the clinic, Dr. Grinstead enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching her children’s sporting activities, reading with her children, and caring for her chickens. She’s also recently picked up sewing and is excited to keep learning the craft.

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Photo of Dr. Lynn  Grinstead

Dr. Jennifer Martin

Associate Veterinarian

Education was always stressed in Dr. Jennifer Martin’s family. She wanted a profession where she could satisfy her intense interest in science but be able to work with her real passion: animals! Veterinary medicine was the obvious choice for her.

Dr. Martin attended Ohio State University for her veterinary education, working in a Clintonville practice and OSU’s large-animal hospital at the same time. After graduation, she moved to Pennsylvania to complete an equine internship. In 2004, she arrived here at Winchester Veterinary Clinic and serves as an Associate Veterinarian.

Puppy and kitten visits are some of Dr. Martin’s favorite parts of her job. She also has a special interest in cardiovascular cases, having owned a dog with heart problems herself. Wound management is another one of her favorite aspects of veterinary medicine.

Dr. Martin lives on a horse farm with her husband, Jeff, and many pets. They have two dogs, Ozzy and Honey, five cats named Shmoopy, Yukon, Little Bitty Kitty, Hillary, and B.K., and a guinea pig named Viven. They also have nine horses and another one on the way.

Outside of the veterinary world, Dr. Martin loves art and photography, and has been fortunate enough to visit many famous paintings and buildings in Western Europe. She also spends a lot of time caring for her horses and training them for racing.

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Photo of Dr. Jennifer  Martin